The Mountain Houghtons

         The Most Cozy Home On The Mountain

Our Little house is going through some changes for the Holidays. Is it because I have so much time off from school these days? I guess. Sewing projects, curtain making and Christmas decorating seem to fill up the days and I do not miss school at all. It is far more interesting to work on my little nest and to play with the doggies.

The dog headquarter has been changed around somewhat also. Buck got a new pillow, far larger than his old mat was. He is so happy on his new bed. That's where he spends the majority of his time. It is a big, comfortable couch for him. He can stretch out or curl up, plenty of room to do either.

Spitz was not as easy to please as Buck. The new bed he got was a bit smaller than I thought and he did not like it at all. I made him a new, foam matress and he tried to scratch a hole in it to be able to sink into it. The third attempt was the winner. We gave him one of our large, lounging pillows to see if he likes that. He sunk into it happily and stayed there all night.

           The North-East Wing of The Workshed

The two bedroom doggie condo required some remodeling before the new furnishings were placed. The wall panelling had to be done first and then the carpet laying. We made sure there are several blankets, especially for Spitzers to rearrange. He likes to organize his bed during the night and cuddle into a bundle of fleece blankets.

Mark does not think they need any pictures for their wall, but I think it would make it more inviting for them. We will see. I have to subscibe for a dog home decorating magazine for ideas. 


It's Not Bedtime Yet!

Buck Loves His New Bed


Spitzers' Cozy Bedroom

Sweet Dreams!

                            Christmas Spirit


 December 13, 2008

Corbin's Baptism Day

In The Santa Margarita Church

Front Of The Rainbow Inn Idyllwild, CA

PCPOA Dinner Night

December 13, 2008

                            New Mexico Trip

Our pre-Christmas work vacation in north-eastern New Mexico, where the mountains meet the prairie.

After they finished watching the classics on TV, the locals came out to greet the Earth System crew working on Ted Turner's ranch, outside of Cimarron, NM.

 The famous loadframe, Mark designed, is hard at work on the Vermilo Park Ranch.

The frame is testing the strenght of the steel columns that will be the support foundation for the solar panels they are planning to build on the lower 60000 acres of this ranch.

The boys are up to their ankles in mud on this nice, clay soil field.


While Daddy is playing in the mud, the rest of the family is having a cozy day in the Cimarron Inn, where doggie discrimination is unknown. 


Buck & Spitz are watching the outside action from the comfy room.

Not much snow in Cimarron, eventhough we are above 6000 feet elevation here. Up the road a short distance, on the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range of the Rockies, there is no shortage of snow and ice. We had an afternoon worth of fun in it.


                              Christmas Eve

Who cluttered up the fainting couch like that? Was it Santa?

Oh boy, beef bone! My Favorit! That's a REAL Christmas gift!

Some folks say TV is a good baby sitter.

They should try beef bones!

Buck and Spitz swear by it! Besides, our babies would not want their intelligence to be insulted by watching television.

Are we ready to open some presents?

Baltic Amber necklace is what I always wanted!  

Single Tapered Red Head falling wedges.

Isn't that romantic?

You asked for it baby! Santa listens!


Looks like a DVD to me! We will have a rainy, movie Christmas Day!

Lots and lots of DVDs!

Just what I wanted!

I'm gonna read while you watch your silly movies!

I need my glasses though!

No wood will get away from me now!

A wedge for me too?

You mean I need to do logging instead of blogging?

A new flannel shirt! That will keep you warm!

New coffee cup! It was much needed...

Can't have Christmas without wool socks!

A dishwasher!

That's so nice of Santa. I real one this time?

I will not exchange this for an excercise equipment! I promiss!

(Last Christmas, my dishwasher ended up being an elliptical.) 



                           Christmas Morning

Must you run out to the rain with those new toys on a day

when we were not even supposed to be working...I think....


                             Movie Christmas

Buck is ready for a movie afternoon.

What are we watching?

A Christmas Story? Sounds good!

                          New Years Eve

We had a second Christmas with Mom Houghton.

She spent two days with us after visiting the Dopps in Arizona for a week.

We had nice meals, stuffed ourselves on many occasions and I talked her ear off, so she decided to head back to Lancaster to spend the last day of the year in her quiet little house.

Mom gave us lots and lots of presents.

My most favorit is the bread machine.

I had a baking show this afternoon.

I found a box of sourdough bread mix in the pantry, so I poured all the ingredients, as directed by the instruction book, into the new machine.

The Houghton Bakery

I have tried baking bread a few times last winter, but none of those attempts produced anything edible.

My bread was rising just fine, as it was supposed to, but in the oven, it collapsed somehow and became dry and flat.

I made two cheese cakes and 16 banana breads as the machine was working hard on the sourdough.


4 hours later, the machine produced a bread similar to those I have baked in the past.

Mark said, I am so Kosher, I make unleavened bread even with yeast.

 Would someone get the saw, please!

 Not bad at all!

We will save it for Passover.

The Big Apple already dropped, so



January 1, 2009

My second try with the machine resulted in a loaf of proper bread for the New Year!

Look how tall it is!


"Reindeer Rag"

Composed by: Joseph Lamb

Performed by: The New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra