The Mountain Houghtons

Bea's 45th Birthday Week !

What can be a better Birthday present than a trip to Utah?

 Buck couldn't wait to stretch his legs in the Utah desert.

First stop was in the Beaver Dam Mountains, west of the Virgin River Canyon, on the way to St. George. We let the doggies run a little in the bright, sunny day.

 Spitzers does not care too much for this desert hike, he would  rather sleep in the front seat of the truck, so he could not be trusted off leash.

Buck did not want to get back into the truck.

Every time we let him out, he refused to come back near the truck. He ran away from us and made us sprint after him which made Mark very angry. He does not like to run!

He also thinks that a dog should come when called to come.

I never heard of such a silly concept, neither did my doggies.

We spent the first night in Cedar City, then in Orem Utah with Dani, Greg and Sierra.

See Dani's page for our visit.

Buck approved the La Quinta Hotel in Orem and spent many hours lounging and sleeping in the room.

Spitz likes hotel life, even if he has to wear a babushka.

The scarf was a present for Buck from Pet Smart as an appreciation for enduring the long and tedious grooming session.

Puppy play... When not playing, Buck and Spitz spent a lot of time watching the history chanel and listening to talk radio. They got quite an education on this trip. They became Rush Limbaugh fans...I think...

Presents, Presents, Presents...


W. S. Mygrant: "My Maryland"

The New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra